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2022-23 Mock Trial Team

2022-23 Mock Trial Team

Students from Left to Right:

Ella Horner, Josephine Mack, Britany Bivian-Santos,
Peter Sanok, Ahwrey Smith, Ava Butterfield,
Hugh Wentzel, Stuart Dow, Sawyer Duvall,
Ana Cole, Zella Mack, Zoe Pruden,
Hilina Lenz, Grey Kingfisher, Isabella Nunn,
Adeline McMIllen, Tayla Davis


Eviction Prevention

Click here to download a PDF flyer with links to resources.

There are resources to help you stay housed!

  1. OlyCAP Housing Services
    Learn about eviction prevention.
    Make a housing assistance request online or call 360.385.2571
  2. Local Pro Bono Lawyers
    If you are facing a potentially unlawful eviction, you may be eligible for free legal aid. To start, call 888-201-1014 (M-F 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM) or call 360-504-2422.
  3. Peninsula Dispute Resolution Centers
    Low-cost mediation for landlord-tenant disputes.
    Call 360-452-8024.
    Accurate and current information about the eviction moratorium.
  5. Housing Solutions Network
    The WA eviction moratorium is set to end on March 31st, but it may be extended again. While the moratorium is in effect, tenants can only be evicted in certain circumstances. Landlords may not raise rents during this time. Tenants are required to pay rent if they are able to. When the moratorium ends, landlords must offer a reasonable repayment plan for unpaid rent.

Civil Arbitration

Here is a link to the Civil Arbitration Rules for Jefferson County.

Click here to download the PDF form to apply to become an arbitrator in Jefferson County.